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Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files Event Guide

Receive ★4 (SR) Gray Servant and participate in Special Raid Battle for materials!

Lord EL-Melloi II’s Case Files Event Guide – Fate Grand Order Guides and Info – Kscopedia (2)



















About the event

This section covers details about the event. Click here to jump to the portion.


Step by Step walkthrough to help you complete all 100 missions. Details on Raid Battle. Includes the Infograph as reference.

Post Event

Covers what you should do once you have completed the story. Challenge Quests and Farming Information Here.

About the Event

  • Requires Lost belt 3 - Intro to be completed in order to participate.
  • Provides SR Welfare Servant: Gray
  • 100 Mission Progression Event.
  • Special Raid Battle for grinding materials for your Servants.
  • Rewards Holy Grail on Completion of Main Story.
100 Mission Event
  • Event will require you to complete missions to progress though the story and unlock rewards.
  • Missions will require you to do specific tasks such as killing enemies, clearing quests, completing raids, etc.
  • Not all 100 Missions need to be completed to complete the story and get all the materials for Gray.
  • Challenge Quest will require you to complete all missions in order to access and have completed the Solomon Singularity.
Mini Raid Battles
  • This event will have a Raid Battle for all players to take part in.
  • Raid requires you to have Completed Act 10-2 to participate.(Unlocks on May 5th - 21:00 PDT)
  • Progress is shared globally server wide, farm while it lasts!
Event Bonus
  • Special Spawn Rate Bonus for "Rare" Enemies in Free Quests using "Meeting of the Heirs" Craft Essence.
  • Damage and Bond Point bonus for special featured event servants. Check Infograph for details
Lord EL-Melloi II’s Case Files Event Guide – Fate Grand Order Guides and Info – Kscopedia (3)


Every player will have the opportunity to receive Gray from participating in the Event.

  • Gray will have a 100% Damage and 50% Bond Point Bonus for the Event.
  • Double EXP Bonus for Gray, make sure to power her up during this event to take advantage of this bonus.
  • You will receive a temporary copy after clearing Act 6.
  • Gray's additional copies and ascension materials can be obtained in the Mission Rewards.
  • Ascension Materials require completion of Missions: 12, 48, 51, and 76.
  • Additional Gray copies require completion of Missions: 28, 43, 81, and 99.
  • Make sure you have Embers to get Gray to 3rd Ascension for the Missions.
  • Put Gray in your Team immediately after receiving her in order to get her Bond 3 for a Mission.

This is a recommendation of how you should set your support formation up for maximum friend points.

Emphasis on bonus servants and support casters.

Put Bella Lisa or Mona Lisa on Caster during Raids.

Lord EL-Melloi II’s Case Files Event Guide – Fate Grand Order Guides and Info – Kscopedia (4)

Infograph by Kevinrealk

Click to open a full sized version in a new tab.

Event Walkthrough Part 1

This section details the step by step is completing the Main Story and all 100 missions.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • There are Missions are require 200/400 of each event currency, so keep track of how much you earned.
  • Locked Missions will still keep track of progress and will autocomplete on unlock if you completed all the requirements.
  • Save your Currency to buy the Shop Craft Essences in the Shop ASAP and equip on your team for bonus Rare Enemies Respawn.
  • Rare Enemies have a base chance of appearance of 25%.
  • Meeting of Heirs CE will increase the base chance by 15%(30% MLB) each up to the maximum of 100% total.
  • Avoid Max Limit Breaking unless you can reach 100% after doing so.
  • You will get enough copies to Max Limit Break(4 in the shop and 1 in the Missions)
  • Max sure to set your schedule for May 5th at 21:00 Login Reset. The Special Raid will be available for a limited time and it is worth farming.
  • If you ever get lost, tap the "i" icon at the top right of the node to see what mission you need to complete.
  • Pace yourself for this first week of the event. Follow the steps in the walkthrough listed below.
  • Make sure to have everything in the Part 1 done before May 5th Login reset, so that you can participate in the Raid Battles before they're gone.
  • Note: Rare Enemy Spawns will be fairly random before you hit 100% with the CE's. Don't worry too much about the Rare Enemy Missions, if it doesn't get fulfilled by the time you get to a step, just proceed.
  • You can clear the event without needing to use apples though it is recommended to use apples for the Raids as it gives you the best amount of materials for the AP compared to singularities, training grounds, etc.

Raid + Walkthrough Part 2

Raid + Walkthrough Part 2 - Starts on 5/5 - 21:00 PDT - Login Reset

The moment the Time lock lifts, immediately complete Act 10-2 (Barbatos - 500,000 HP. Randomly Debuffs Card Effectiveness, Star Generation, and/or HP Recovery.) to unlock the Raid and begin farming while it lasts.

Barbatos Raid ~ 50 Million Kills shared globally

Control Room Barbatos (Assassin) - 500,000 HP

Traits: Sky, Undead, Large

  • At the start of the battle, Barbatos will randomly inflict Recovery, Quick, Arts, or Buster Down(50% decrease on the frontline).
  • Barbatos can seal a servant's skill for one turn and buff itself with 3 turn invulnerability pierce.
  • Randomly will increase its NP by 1 bar (3 bars to fire off NP).
  • NP will damage all servants and inflict Attack and Defense Down.

Farming this Raid is highly recommended, the individual material drop rates for this Raid is comparable or even superior to that of singularity free quest, all obtainable from a single 1-2 turn battle for just 30 AP.

Lord EL-Melloi II’s Case Files Event Guide – Fate Grand Order Guides and Info – Kscopedia (6)

Walkthrough Part 2

Once you have completed the Raid, you can finish the event at this point on.

1 - Clear Section 10.3(Fight Barbatos one last time).

2 - Clear Section 11.1 - 11.2(Let the Boss fire off NP to end the battle).

3 - Final Battle.

4 - Watch the Epilogue Cutscene to make Gray Permanent and receive a Holy Grail.

Final Battle - Mnemosyne

Class: Rider

HP: 224,788 / 254,760 / 284,732

Traits: Undead, Large, Sky

50% Resistance to all damage.

Summons Da Vinci shadow servants every turn if none are on the field (Not required to defeat to win)

Drains NP Gauge and Skill Seal(3 Turns) on a servant.

Noble Phantasm will remove all buffs before inflicting damage and ignores any defense.

Breaking a bar will cause all servants will have their NP gauge drained by 50% and be inflicted with NP/Skill Seal.

Beating the Mnemosyne:

1 - Mnemosyne attacks are all AOE, meaning all servants take damage.

2 - Caster Servants will not last long without any defensive buffs: 1-2 turns. You can use this to your advantage by having new caster supports come in as the previous ones die.

3 - Only keep on field support servants that you don't mine losing the current turn or next turn.

4 - Single target Alter-egos and Assassins come in handy. You can also use Gray for this battle since she receive a significant damage bonus for this event along with an undead damage bonus.

5 - Use a combination of NP and Criticals to kill the boss. NP when you can and use Critical Damage for the following turn when your bar is drained.

6 - You can ignore the Shadow Servant as it will prevent the boss for having too many attacks in a row and you don't need to kill it for the battle.

7 - Have debuff cleansing and/or immunity support such as Martha and BB, since the boss will inflict NP/Skill Seal that can last 3 turns.

Post Story

Completing the remaining missions + Challenge Quest

At this point in time you should have complete atleast 80 Missions. You can farm the below Free Quests to complete the remaining missions and obtain Event Currency(Bolded means best):

-Chocolate Gardens(Noble Timepiece): Skeletons, Assassin Servants.

-Counterfeit Art Gallery(Formal Leaves): Golem Enemies

-Csejte Castle(Dandy Rabbits): Blade Wing Insect, Wild Beast.

-Underworld Christmas(All Types): Spellbooks, Lawful Servants.

-ONILAND(All Types): Demonic, Masked Ghost.

-Shadow Island(Rabbit / Timepiece): Machine-type, Saber Servants.

Only farm what you need for the missions and clearing the shop, the material drops for these nodes are not very good. Save your apples for the upcoming Hunting Quests and Lottery.

Once you have cleared all missions, the Challenge Quest will unlock.

Challenge Quest - Alexander and Waver

Alexander(Rider) - 353,671 / 317,610/ 293,236

-Breaking the first bar increases his Attack and Critical Damage for 5 Turns.

-Breaking the last bar will grant Evasion(unremovable) for 3 turns and Critical Damage up for 5 Turns.

Lord El-Melloi II Waver (Caster)

-As long as Alexander is on the field, Waver has very high damage resistance. Waver will also buff his defense and decrease the defense of his attack for 3 turns every time he is attacked. (These buffs are unremovable and will only be gone once Alexander is dead).

-Will buff Alexander with Attack/Defense/Critical Damage Up randomly.

Beating the CQ:

-Clearing this CQ is rather simple. You can have a Single Target Assassin and Rider or just an Alter Ego along with support.

-Make sure to have Sure Hit or Invul to bypass Alexander's 3 turn Evade on his last bar.

-Avoid hitting Waver, focus your hits on Alexander and kill him quickly.

-Once Alexander is dead, Waver should be a fairly easy kill as his NP is more of a nuisance than a threat.

Lord EL-Melloi II’s Case Files Event Guide – Fate Grand Order Guides and Info – Kscopedia (2024)
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