99 Cents Store Near Me Open Now (2024)

1. 99 Cents Only Stores

  • Los Angeles

  • Discover 99 Cents Only stores for top discounts on groceries and supplies. Locate stores, check hours, and begin saving now!

2. 99 Cents Only Stores | Where Deals Come True

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  • You never know what you'll find when you do the 99.

3. Some closed 99 Cents Only locations will reopen as Dollar Tree

4. 99 Cents closures to open 3.8M sf of retail opportunities in SoCal

  • 29 apr 2024 · The pending closure of 99 Cents Only Stores will leave a 3.8 million-square-foot hole in Southern California. The good news for landlords: ...

  • Mid-size stores hit hungry market; brokers say the locations will “get snatched up very quickly.”

5. 99 Cents Only Store to Close All Locations, Including State Street

  • 12 apr 2024 · The 99 Cents Only in downtown Santa Barbara will soon be closing as the company announced its plans to liquidate all of its locations across ...

  • The 99 Cents Only in downtown Santa Barbara will soon be closing as the company announced its plans to liquidate all of its locations across four states.

6. 99 Cents Only store closures impacting Houston shoppers - KHOU

  • 10 apr 2024 · After nearly 42 years in business, one of America's favorite discount stores will close all locations in California, Arizona, ...

  • After nearly four decades in business, 99 Cents Only stores are closing, leaving several Houstonians looking for alternative options.

7. Investors make moves to keep doors open at 99 Cents Stores

  • 10 apr 2024 · ... near Pico and Hauser boulevards. “People rely on the 99 Cents Store. Where are they going to go now?” Signs posted outside the 99 Cents Only ...

  • A group of investors is trying to save the 99 Cents Only Stores from closing following an announcement...

8. 99 Cents stores to close down all 371 locations - NPR

  • 5 apr 2024 · I started shopping there during my college years and never stopped." "First dollar tree now 99 cent store which has been a lifesaver for me in ...

  • The discount chain is winding down operations at its stores across California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada, as dollar stores nationwide buckle under inflation, shoplifting and other factors.

9. 99 Cents Only Stores to Close in Santa Barbara, Lompoc and Santa ...

  • 5 apr 2024 · The company announces it is 'winding down' its business operations and will liquidate all 371 of its locations.

  • Downtown Santa Barbara has lost another big store. The 99 Cents Only store on the 400 block of State Street plans to close its doors as part of a

10. Hope for 99 Cents Only Stores? - Los Angeles Business Journal

  • 15 apr 2024 · Mark Miller, president of Culver City-based Pic 'N' Save Bargains, has signaled his hopes of acquiring all of the Southern California locations ...

  • As 99 Cents Only Stores continues its liquidation and shutdown, observers see the silver lining of opportunity in the coming loss of a beloved Southern California brand.

11. Column: More than just a store, 99 Cents Only gave a fair shake to all ...

  • 9 apr 2024 · “This needs to stay open,” the 38-year-old delivery driver said. “I make OK money, and buying here helps me. But imagine if you're on WIC ...

  • Those of us in the fellowship of frugality know that California’s booms inevitably end in bust. That’s what makes the end of the 99 Cents Only empire so distressing.

99 Cents Store Near Me Open Now (2024)
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